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Kenyan tea

Just to update you...The rat was caught.

"We have the worst possible outcome."  My husband said this morning.
"Is it dead?" I asked, cutting to the chase.
"No," he said - "it's injured and it's under the chest of drawers whimpering."

It was tempted by the peanut butter we put out for it (thanks for the tip readers!) - but the rat obviously managed to escape the trap somehow.  The next problem was how to dispatch the injured rodent.

My husband got out his airgun (preferring that option to the bludgeoning one).  Suffice to say - the rat is now gone.... It hid - but it didn't run.

Also, the puppy cried again all night - but we put her a little further out of earshot, so everyone had a better night's sleep.

Meanwhile (and on a lighter note) - I read this lovely article by Xanthe Clay on Kenya's tea producing this morning called, 'Celebrate Tea; from Kenya to your cuppa".  She visited a tea cooperative in the Rift Valley and learned how to pick leaves.

Some fascinating facts:

"According to the UK Tea Council we drink 165 million cups of tea a day, an average of more than two cups per man, woman, and child – that’s twice the amount of coffee we get through.

More than half of our tea comes from Kenya, almost all in the blends used in tea bags. Professional blenders, who make the recipes for these mixtures, love Kenyan tea for its bright copper colour and “brisk” flavour, the perky liveliness, a balance of astringency and tannin that’s hard to describe but is instantly recognisable in a really refreshing cup of tea. As the Typhoo advertisement would have it, the “Ooh”. "

To read more, click here

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