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So poor Kate, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - after her UK mini-moon, she must go back to mopping her own floors in Anglesey after all the excitement of the Royal wedding.  A slight anti-climax perhaps?

One question, what on earth were the ugly sisters doing at the wedding?

ugly sisters

Watching the royal wedding at the high commission was great fun, loved every minute - except for when the forbidding British security man strolled over then asked me BY NAME to look after my handbag (I guess he found my bag in a corner where I thought I'd deposited it safely, then went through the ink stained mess to identify the owner - the shame!), he then later tapped me on the shoulder once AGAIN when the party was winding down expressly to say, 'excuse me, you have to go now, the high commissioner has another engagement to attend'.  

Woe is me.  Will my epitaph actually read; 'always last to leave a party (especially when there's free booze) - sad cow!'

The Disney version

Don't you just love it!!

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