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Ocampo named his 6 suspects - but no arrests...yet...

So, the 6 have been outed - but no dramatic or symbolic carting off to the Hague sadly.  Apparently the ICC judges have to decide whether there is enough evidence for a case to be brought.

It is kind of sad the way Kenyan people are so forgiving and generally too nice. It is as if the atrocities of the 2007 election have been erased from the collective memory like a rather unpleasant dream. Rather than bay for the blood of these characters, there’s been not much more than a raised eyebrow locally. Everybody is so used to stories of corruption they are almost anesthetised to it. William Ruto continues in his attempts to get the Kenyan Government to divorce itself from the Rome Statute that states that ICC rulings are valid here. Francis Muthaura took out a full page advert in the local newspapers protesting his innocence. There was some furore over whether he used taxpayers money for this! – let’s not forget that Kenyan politicians do not have to pay tax...

The reaction to US Ambassador’s Wikileaks indiscretion, describing Kenya as a healthy breeding ground for corruption, damningly; that the President and PM have a ‘vested interest’ in failing to curb it, has caused outrage amongst Kenya’s leaders. Raila and Kibaki’s reaction; ‘let’s get him sent home’. You might think that somebody might feel the slightest bit contrite?

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