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Luis Moreno Ocampo - Kenya's big hope.


In the soap drama that is Kenyan politics - don't you think it's funny that Luis Moreno Ocampo - the Argentinian ICC lawyer who is driving the investigation into post election violence here in Kenya - is rather a dish?
The local newspapers love to put his photo on the front page every day and well they might. He's the great hope of Kenyans, the only person who can ensure their ever seeing justice done (some displaced Kenyans are still in IDP camps two years on!). While many may hope his image simply strikes fear into the hearts of guilty post election violence perpetrators and incitors, I'm just rather impressed that he is so easy on the eye.
When he visited Kenya he didn't disappoint, looking very cool, stroking a cheetah at the animal orphanage in a jacket and jeans.
Talking of celebrities. Serena Williams was in town last week to revisit her various charitable projects. In an article entitled 'Who upset Tennis Queen?' Reporters say that she arrived in town in a 'foul mood' and would not speak to anyone. The resulting rather long, padded out article in the Standard was a delight to read.
'Under the cover of dark glasses, she appeared unconcerned about the presence of the scribes who defied chilly weather to cover her arrival'
(That one tickled me paticularly. After all, Nairobi's not so chilly really!)
'Photojournalists were forced to peep through the door to snap up pictures from a distance, thanks to digital technology!'
'A tired looking Serena sat quietly in a couch for over 20 minutes before moving befittingly to the Serena Hotel in the CBD where she will be staying.'

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