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My 5 wishes for Christmas lunch...


My 5 wishes for Christmas Lunch are...
  1. The power does not go off. Our electric oven is not connected to our small generator (as I mentioned before). No power tomorrow would spell 'turkey disaster', people!
  2. No rain. All get-togethers in Nairobi are staged outdoors, day or night, rabid mosquitos or no. To have a rainy day would be a serious challenge for us outdoor lot and frankly, keeping 20 people outside is preferable to the possible carnage in 'indoor' party could cause.
  3. No injuries. Having a crowd over always invites an element of a risk. No slipping on swimming pool steps, or tripping on uneven paving stones ideally.
  4. The advantage of playing host this year is that I have got off pretty lightly with the catering. A friend is bringing an entire cooked turkey and gravy from Upper Hill. Can't argue with that! But my next wish is that the gammon/ham that I have volunteered to cook comes out as well as it normally does when my Mum is here to help. (and I hope that I don't forget entirely to put it in the oven with all the excitement of unwrapping presents!).
  5. A safe and happy day, followed by a safe and happy journey home for all of our guests, then a well earned sigh of relief at the end of it all...

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