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Christmas Shopping in Nairobi, it's not all beads and kikoys

100% purchased in Nairobi
Following my panic of not having shopped for Christmas, I ventured out and was pleasantly surprised. Christmas shopping in Nairobi does not have to be all about kikoy trousers and beads (though that's great if that's what you are after), nowadays there is absolutely tons more on offer.

After living here for over a decade, we have all the kanga and kikoy stuff that we can handle under one roof, so are always on the lookout for something new. True, imported gifts come with a fairly hefty price tag here but we certainly can no longer moan about not having enough choice. It's all there, you just have to search out the gifts, which is perfect for me as I love the thrill of the chase and generally leave things to the last minute. All of the gift items in the photograph were bought 100% locally, even if they originall came from overseas.

And the best news for last minute shoppers like me? Nairobi is beautifully quiet this week, I guess because the up-country exodus has begun, so traffic is a breeze and today, shopping centres were really quite manageable. ;)

Shop the post:
Nakumatt Supermarket
The House of Leather
The Souk Bookshop
Zawadi gift shop
Langata Link Shops
Rono Limited
Karen Crossroads
Masai market

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