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My Weekly Veg Shop in Half an Hour


Saturday morning is often about hot footing it down to the Organic Farmer’s Market in the garden of Purdy Arms in Karen. The market itself has mushroomed and sells not just a huge range of veg but meat, local crafts, breads, cakes, teas, handmade soaps, clothes, kikoys etc.

I try to whip around in record time but end up browsing. My staple shopping list will be:
Broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, a butternut squash, spinach, potatoes (I love the tiny new potatoes), fresh eggs, carrots, a baguette, gouda, some Dutch stroopwafels (syrup biscuits).
And then the serious browsing begins. More often than not I veer wildly from my original list with some iced cinnamon buns, homemade ice cream, chilly pastes, spices and sauces, german sausage, pretzels, some walnut baklava, a pair of brass earrings, a horn bracelet, a basket, a beaded belt (the latter of which I convince myself are gifts for family members but I end up keeping these pretty things myself).

Remember: Bring lots of cash or arrive armed with MPesa. This kind of shopping is dangerous as you end up spending more than you planned! I am generally down to my last shillings when I leave. Thank goodness parking is free!

The vendor suggested drinking hibiscus tea with fresh ginger and lemon

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