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Purple Haze - 3 things you might not know about Jacarandas


 I don't think that I've ever seen the Jacaranda looking so fantastic in Nairobi.

 We had one downpour and very wet morning for a few hours early on Tuesday but so far that's it, the sun is still shining!

3 Things that you might not know about Jacaranda trees

 1. Don’t prune a jacaranda as it will spoil the shape forever.  When you prune a jacaranda it sends up vertical shoots whereas ideally it should retain an elegant umbrella shape. The make great shade trees not just to line streets but as a centre piece in a garden, creating an impressive carpet of purple when their flowers drop.

2. Jacarandas are originally from Brazil. They are deciduous because of the monsoonal wet and dry seasons. Nairobi’s first jacaranda trees were planted in around 1926 after Jim Jameson from Kimberly, Australia submitted his town planning report for the city and got planting in a big way. Elsewhere in Africa, Pretoria is particularly breathtaking in October when their Jacarandas are in bloom. 

3. Jacaranda trees are greedy. They drink a lot and pull a lot of nutrients from the soil which makes it hard to grow much underneath. They briefly drop their leaves at the end of the dry season. Don’t place a jacaranda overhanging a swimming pool as their tiny, feathery leaves will quickly clog the filter.

For more info and some great 'Know Your Garden' courses, contact the Kenya Horticultural Society

I love the fruit seller in this picture.

Check out more fabulous jacaranda images on 'Africa, this is why I live here'. Facebook page.

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