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We have been babysitting a puppy this weekend. Tomorrow we hand her back. I am not sure that this was a particularly fantastic idea.  Why? Because we’ve all fallen deeply in love. And what is worse? My friend whose puppy we are babysitting suggested that we get one of our own way back in August when there were a few available.  The kids and my husband were all keen but evil mother that I am said ‘no’ – (August is not a great month in Nairobi and fresh back from a trip back to the UK, at that point I was feeling far from positive about life).  

Now I regret it. She’s a cutie. A bundle of fun and we are even coping with her night wailing. She loves to inflict maximum emotional blackmail when cruelly left abandoned in the kitchen at night (albeit with our older Springer Spaniel whose nerves are wearing thin at the moment!).

By Tuesday night we will all be in deep gloom. The house will fall silent and whose fault will that be? Yours truly of course. Duh!

I would like you all to know that that is not a real snake!
Anyone know of a Springer Spaniel puppy that we can buy before my family disowns me?

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