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Obama Karibu!

Obama Waving Air Force One

So excited about Obama coming to Nairobi. Thank goodness Kenya is in the news for a positive reason for a change. After a disasterous Nairobi Life featuring on Snapchat - let's hope that this is the opportunity for the international community to understand more about Kenya.

And lots of funny stuff too...

BBC pop up: Swahili slang tips for Obama in Kenya

As a post script: what he actually said/slang used:

Barack Obama could not resist his happiness to be back at his fathers home land - Kenya. On his opening speech at Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, where even POTUS greets Kenyans with a popular slang version of Kiswahili — 'Niaje wasee? Hawayuni!

Niaje wasee? Hawayuni - is translated as "How are you folks?"

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