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The Expat News Reporter

Yay - another Africa Expat Stereotype in the Telegraph online today.  Thank you to Harriet Stanes for another amazingly clever illustration.

Jeremy the Expat News reporter

This article was inspired by the descent of international reporters into Nairobi following the 2007/8 election violence. Crazy times.

Ben Brown came to interview us (having tracked down the expat wives club blogger). He was all big teeth and perma-tan and was late, having come straight from an interview with Desmond Tutu.  He shook his head,

"All sounds a bit hopeless I'm afraid. Desmond Tutu is very worried." - a bad prognosis is obviously a news reporter's stock in trade.

It's not hopeless, I thought, you don't know what you are talking about it. It's serious, yes. Tragic, yes, but not hopeless. 

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