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Ngong Road on Saturday Morning


It's all there, people busy at 9am on a Saturday morning constructing wrought iron gates, washing second hand car tyres, selling garden furniture, bunk beds, sofa sets, cots, chests of drawers, plant machinery for hire and wooden hand carts (mkokoteni) ready to be rented out for a day's work. There's even a ready-made, 'welded from metal sheets', shop for sale (painted black).  That reminds me, I must chase up my fundi friend on Ngong Road about our dining room table...

See the hand stone cutters in the background

Fancy having a sign hand-painted?

Heavy work - these barrels are full of water

Street selling, A far cry from the shiny shopping centres with the banks of security guards who check our cars on entry but yet they sit side-by-side.

*Thanks to my daughter for recording the street scene while I drove and to my long suffering husband for editing and setting to music .... Not that easy as it turns out!

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