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Dance Fitness Nairobi (even for the middle aged!)


I have to admit, forget midlife crises dictating that we start running marathons in our forties. No thanks. Mine is currently 'Songa Fitness' - which is a bit like Zumba with lots of attitude.

Yes, I am definitely in my forties and I guess it's pretty sad to derive so much pleasure from these beat bopping (I think that I just made that cringe-worthy term up didn't I? Oh dear) routines - but my goodness, the workout time flies! (And be warned - so does the sweat, so it's advisable to put some distance between you and your neighbour). Treading on toes and getting lost is an occupational hazard, for me at least. There are sporadic moments when you feel like you might be looking good - and then you catch yourself in the mirror...

Yes, we actually do that routine, to that  exact song. Instead of Lauren (above), who instructs somewhere in LA - we have Kevin in Nairobi (or Kevo), who is probably one of the most energetic dancers I have ever seen (Sorry Lauren, eat-your-heart-out). He has the physique of an acrobat (ie not an ounce of fat) and makes us feel all like clod hopping amateurs, but we don't hold it against him.

SONGA fitness See Kevin's Facebook page here: Songa Fitness

Imagine my excitement;- Today, at the end of the session, we had an actual 'dance off'.  We split into two lines. I think that the lady that I was dancing opposite was truthfully scared by my enthusiastic shoulder wiggling and butt shaking, especially when I was coming toward her.  (Thanks for not running out of the room my dear - I know that you were near the door).  I think I got a bit 'Step Up (the movie)' over-excited and forgot myself for a second there. 

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Image credit: Healthy Woman Magazine

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