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Oh how we love camping ;)

We had one of our better camping experiences last weekend.  It was a school event, camping inside an upcountry school grounds - fully catered, a fun crowd of fellow campers with similar aged kids, hot showers, flushing loos, great views.

All I had to pack was an in-car lunch and sundowners (crisps, beers, nuts) to reward ourselves once the tent was up.  Okay, it certainly wasn't the greatest nights sleep - at one point, when temperatures dropped, I was convinced I had developed arthritis all over - but we were home by lunchtime on Sunday and there was time for a recovery snooze.  If only camping were always that straight forward, then it might not be another 5 years until the next time I dust down our tent again!

Read more about how the Africa expat stereotype copes with camping by clicking here: (wine is definitely a must).. ;)

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