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Fabulously Kenyan Music

I got really excited about a song recently because I thought that it was by a Kenyan artist, this was because of the 'Africa' scenes in the video - turns out it was Nico and Vinz who are Norwegian (Am I Wrong) - a bit sad on my part...

However, I feel I have recovered my cool credentials slightly since then as my latest favourite that blasts on the radio on a regular basis IS indeed by a Kenyan band Mankind and my 14 year old daughter, back from school in England, didn't even know it.

North by Mankind


There's no music video yet, but it's a great track.

In other news, The Telegraph ran an article on 'antisocial expats' last week, for which I added my tuppence worth. Please read here:

Unsociable? British expats fail to make local friends

Also, read the latest Africa Expat Stereotype: Security Specialist here: (wink, wink, nudge, nudge..)

The Security Specialist

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