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Expat shopping in second hand markets

This is turning UK charity shopping on its head.  Here in Kenya, we expats go ferreting through all of your donated clothes in large 'hot sun', open air markets in Africa.  These markets are called 'mitumba' (second hand clothing) markets.

The hunt for a bargain is so much sweeter for the thrill of the chase - but vendors are not stupid, they also know their stock backwards and will charge top dollar for a pair of designer jeans.  My best finds are still going strong: leather Bally knee high boots, 'safari' trousers with lots of pockets, Seven for All Mankind jeans, Converse etc.

It's even possible to find fancy dress outfits - my friend came home with the best Superman adult sized suit ever - with sewn in muscles and a cape.  This one has done the rounds!

Read more about what it's like to visit mitumba here:

Expat-stereotypes-The mitumba maven

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