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Nairobi - milk more expensive than fuel

Came back to the VAT craziness - where VAT has been added to almost every product and transaction in the country seemingly overnight - no doubt to pay for school laptops which was part of the current governments election promise.

It's a shame that some basic goods have also been hit by the tax, which squeezing ordinary people (again).  Is is me, or is milk now more expensive than fuel?

Also, MPs voting for Kenya's exit from ICC is alarming.

Politics aside, it's beautiful weather in Nairobi after months of overcast days - yay!  Waking up to a Nairobi dawn lifts the spirits.

Somehow we managed to get through our entire water storage capacity in 3 days - and that is with one child absent!  Not sure what is gong wrong.  Re-supply from city council not due until Sunday/Monday.  This could get depressing.  Time to call in the water bowser/truck.  At least the power supply is behaving for now at least.  Am missing the longer, light evenings of England. At 7pm am thinking, who turned the lights off?

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