Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cameron to divert aid money to pay for peacekeeping missions


Will he, won't he...

It seems a bit odd to cut the UK defence budget, only to re-route funds back in to defence via the foreign aid budget- but I am not complaining...  I am always on the 'trade not aid' to Africa - side of the fence here.   Funnily enough, major aid organisations (Oxfam) are already bleating...

Election fever temperature rises - along with the current 'heat wave' we are experiencing in Nairobi at the moment (35 degrees! Not bad for an altitude of 1,795m above sea-level).  Currently, Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta are running neck and neck in presidential election opinion polls.  A comment attached to the last post asked why the world's attention has been brought to this election.  I would hazard a guess that it is because Kenya is looking pretty close to electing a president who has been called to answer crimes against humanity charges at The Hague.   I am at pains to note that as a foreigner, it is wise for me not to say anything (God forbid) - but local papers report that the fight is getting dirtier..

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