Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Austerity Valentine's Day

Our wedding anniversary is the day before valentine's, so I have my roses already - lucky me!  My husband swerved into the shopping centre on the way back from collecting our daughter from school yesterday evening.  He bought fab flowers with roses, lilies and swirly silver painted sticks - all set into oasis - which my daughter had to then balance on her knee for the rest of the way home.  I wondered what was taking them so long.  Meanwhile, I scribbled my husband a card.

A word to the wise - having a wedding anniversary on 13th Feb is a great cost saving idea.  It wasn't something that occurred to us straight away - but we've since learned that because you go out for dinner the night before valentine's, you actually pay a 'normal price' for your dinner and less for a babysitter - plus there's no problem with your favourite place being booked out or too busy.  Yay!

To be honest, we didn't actually bother going out last night - austerity don't you know - and the fact that it was a monday, we were knackered after a busy weekend and had to get up at 5.50am this morning as it's a normal school day etc etc.  So it was a night in for us, with the Downton Abbey Series 2 box set, and a boiled egg because neither of us was very hungry. 

Fortunately for us in Kenya, a bunch of 20 roses costs about a pound ($1.5) - because they are farmed here (no ranting about flower farms here please).  If you want top notch 'export' quality - you are looking at pushing the boat out to two pounds ($3).  A big fancy arrangement, 10 pounds tops.  Hooray for austerity!

Married for 13 years.  Oh the romance!...


Anonymous said...

Austerity? Kenya is freeking booming right now!! Come to UK and see what austerity is, strikes almost every other day and we are meant to be having it good here than the rest of Europe (Sans Germany). Happy anniversary though, enjoy your air-mile free roses ;)

Robyn said...

much love...and cheap flowers....may they both continue! x

Anonymous said...

Wow 13 years, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Downton Abbey?
Isn't Mr. Bates gorgeous??
Though I do have to say that season 2 is a bit lacking - not quite as good as season 1.
I will also comment on your tiger mum article here - I haven't read Amy Chua's book, but I know most people who did seem to think that Lulu will write a tell-all memoir in a few years to come.
So you don't want to be a tiger mum (and don't write about it)- we may start looking forward to your daughters future blog - "Africa Expat Mum - Exposed." Ha!