Monday, February 20, 2012

Flash-mob etiquette

I'm just wasting time looking at Stella McCartney's innovative 'flash-mob' fashion show that took place at the weekend.  It made me smile.

I'm not really au fait with flash-mobs, but for those who are out of the loop - the flash-mob is where people in public spaces suddenly burst into choreographed dances (usually because they are promoting something) leaving the remaining 50% of the people in that same public space feeling bewildered but hopefully, entertained.  The flash-mob will start with one person doing something strange, then five others join, then ten, then suddenly more until you might have hundreds dancing around you.

The Stella McCartney London Fashion Week Flash-mob

The only flash-mobs I've seen have been on TV or Youtube.  The one in Jamie Oliver's series on bringing healthy eating habits to the US where ee staged a flash-mob at a college where 50 odd students broke into a 'stir-fry-athon' accompanied by funky music.  There's also that big one in the movie 'Friends with Benefits' with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake - in fact I think that there were 2 in that movie, the Time Square one (below) and the engagement one in the train station at the end (yes, the movie was a bit corny).

Friends with Benefits Flash-mob

I don't think that we are about to be treated to any Flash-mobs in Kenya any time soon (sadly) - but I do have one question on flash-mob etiquette which is; can one join in??

Wouldn't that be funny?

How would Stella McCartney feel if some of her fashion show audience got carried away and decided to grab a dancing, swirling model and invite her to a non-choreographed waltz.  Nose put out of joint?

Could be awkward...!

The Jamie Oliver one...

Jamie Oliver's Marshall University Flash-mob

I recently watched a Wedding Video where the whole thing was conducted as a Flash-mob, with grannies, aunties and ushers all dancing and mouthing to song words.  Now that was fun!!


Peperuka said...

See first flashmob in Kenya

Robyn said...

this is on my life bucket list-even if it is just in school with the dinnerladies and teachers doing the flash mob-to make all the pupils eyes pop out...i think that would be so funny!

Peperuka-I am going to try your link now!

Robyn said...

peperuka-i followed your link-but what i iwatched, was not what i call a flash mob.have a look at the clips on the blog. a flash mob increases in size (which is all rehearsed) as the music/song progresses.

hesbon said...

So lovely

MaeLovesLotus said...

I loved Jamie Oliver's 'flash mob'...although I wonder what the reason was for choosing West Virginia? I would've chosen somewhere a little more high profile. :)