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So far this morning I have, read the newspapers - i.e. yesterday's: Nation - (inflation and road accidents), Standard - (Hague trial, Charity Ngilu water ministry corruption probe), Business Daily - (global markets plunge, Facebook launches Timeline, pircay increasingly a problem, 14 seater matatus get a reprieve) Star - (Thika highway update, Mbau says election should not be held in December) over a slow breakfast - then had a bath in the guest room as the water everywhere else in the house has run out.  Got dressed.  Said hello to water delivery truck men who failed to come yesterday - made them tea plus bread and jam to keep them sweet.  (always worth having those guys on your side). 

I silently curse the Nairobi Agricultural show/Trade fair that starts today (more than 200 companies participate) and will take place in Jamhuri Park every day this week until Sunday.  Once a year, whenever it's the show - we fail to get city council water.  The show also means even more horrendous traffic than usual on Ngong Road and a gigantic struggle to get the kids home from school - which, at the end of the week, may well culminate in driving right out of Nairobi in order to get home again the back way over bumps and through villages in order to avoid showground traffic.  Friday will be the pits because not only is Friday normally bad traffic wise but Kibaki is visiting in the afternoon (with his motorcade) and rain/storms are forecast that day as well - oh hell. 

Oh well, at least we have power.

Moved to my computer and read the Telegraph online: UK news (British shipwreck, treasure found) World news - (morbidly fascinated by the Amanda Knox case and whether Putin had a facelift or not.  Also looked at Wangari Maathi's Telegraph obituary and thought it was a bit lightweight), Financial news - (have gold prices topped out?  Is the world officially in recession yet?) Fashion news -  (trying desperately not to be interested whether or not Kate Middleton will be on the front of US Vogue next month).  Then, shame-of-shame - moved on the Daily Mail online.  Read an article about being middle class and out of work in the UK, then moved onto Jessica Simpson's dreadful choice of holiday wear and the fact that Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani shared a kids play date.  Secretly curse the fact that I have internet connection ... but don't really mean it.

Losing the will to live.  Actually have so much I ought to be doing, wrote a list on post-it notepad in an attempt to organise myself but the list is a bit too scary, everything on it requires an input of time and effort - Pull myself together.  Consider that I should have gone to gym this morning because it would have been a better use of my time, didn't go because thought I'd be better off at home getting things done.  Remember that I should be emailing my mum and mum-in-law to say thanks for sponsoring our eldest on a charity walk she did at the weekend.  Skype messaged a friend.  Checked by blog comments, then statistics, then went on to look at Google Analytics.  Can't make any sense of them and who cares anyway.  Now writing this.  Can't wait until 11am when I will allow myself to go downstairs and make a cup of instant coffee.

Oh dear. Tragic.  Please somebody tell me that I'm not the only one who can make procrastinating last two or three hours...or more?!

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