Thursday, July 07, 2011

Kate Middleton's Kenyan belt

Kate's Kenyan belt
OMG - Kate bought this belt that she's wearing on her Canada tour, in Kenya.  Must have picked it up in Nairobi or perhaps in the Barney's shop at Nanyuki airstrip.  A friend of mine has the exact same one.  I have one by the same maker, but different beaded design - afterall, how can one possibly live in Kenya without a beaded belt?!?!? Ha ha!

Kate's is a 4cm handmade leather belt with white shell discs, from Linda Camm.  Sadly I can't see the exact same one on the website though - but perhaps you could order?   They don't come cheap at $72 online, much cheaper to buy here in Nairobi, at around 3,800/-. Sadly there are only tiny sizes in this style in the shop. Nothing long enough for my mighty hips, and the style is being phased out. Let's hope, for all Kate M groupies, that Linda Camm decides on a new run in this style.  Click the link below:

Linda Camm's belt on display

I was hoping to see Wills wearing Bata boots 'The boots that say you know Africa' too, but shame, I think that they were Timberlands.


Anonymous said...

Now that's the kind of belt I'd like for the dog, instead of all those beaded ones that now look done to death and actually don't really suit most dogs.

There are Cuckoos in my Nest said...

I spotted that too! Am sat here in a very similar one feeling rather smug that all the wannabees will be querying every store in the uk as to where they can get one to no avail!
Unfortunately it wont be long before the shops will be filled with their versions.

frank said...

I enjoy reading your about your experiences in Kenya, although envy always creeps in alongside the great memories I have of life in Kenya 1987-1991. Would love to return. Thank you for your wonderful posts! I will keep reading as long as you keep posting...

Linda Camm said...

Ha Ha - Linda Camm here and we do have the belts on sale - You can order them on line or send us an email on