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Age appropriate dressing.....

Nigella Lawson in her burkini, Bondai Beach, Australia

Everything tells me that I should abhor the following list which gives the cut-off age for wearing various revealing items of clothing - but, especially since it targets my age group exactly, I actually find it hysterical. 

Interestingly the list was compiled as a result of a UK Diet Chef survey who interviewed 2000 women (not men, as you might assume!)   It must be something to do with British reserve.  Evidently we women are very definitely supposed to grow old gracefully and not embarrass ourselves in the process. 

According to this list, for me, mini-skirts are out, so are boob tubes, leather trousers and belly button piercings.  I must admit, the last 3 are no great loss but I am a bit sore about the mini-skirts - not that I wear them often - but I think that with tights we might be able to extend the deadline to at least 43 don't you?   I did worry about having to cut my long hair at 40, but it seems I now have a reprieve until 53 (as long as I don't tie it into a ponytail after 51). Phew!

The list gets horribly restrictive once you've hit 40 though - and that age is creeping up only too fast for me...  Women - you are harsh!

The age women believe you should stop wearing....

• Bikini, 47

• Miniskirt, 35

• Boob Tube, 33

• Stilettos, 51

• Belly button piercing, 35

• Knee high boots, 47

• Trainers, 44

• Leather trousers, 34

• Leggings, 45

• Ugg boots, 45

• Swimsuit, 61

• Tight vest, 44

• See-through chiffon blouse, 40

• Long hair, 53

• Ponytail, 51

In East Africa conservative dressing is still very much the norm.  Ladies still where petticoats here - very definitely no minis.  Most people would chose oversize clothes rather than tight.  (There are no public displays of affection either - very socially non-u). 

I laughed last night while watching an episode of Silent Witness that was filmed in Zambia - in the story, villagers assumed Emilia Fox in her role as Nicky - was a prostitute because she was wearing jeans...  This might put a whole new complexion on the list!

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