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Wills & Katie


I'm going to be lambasted for saying this, but isn't the engagement between Waity Katie and Wills just the teensiest bit boring?  I know that we all need cheering up because of the financial crisis but hasn't it just been too predictable for words, especially since the pair have been playing house for ages up in Anglesey or wherever it was.

For years now, the devil in me has been waiting for Wills to do something really naughty, like, for instance, run off with Chelsea Davy, but no.  It's just been Katie, looking skinny and immaculately groomed ...waiting.  William's inner circle of friends remain studiously loyal, tight lipped so no glimmer of news there.  The biggest snip of gossip we got hold of over the past five years, was Wills landing helicopter in Kate's garden when he was showing off.  Yawn.

I hadn't given it much thought until I was flicking through Hello magasine with my cousin last year.  She said.

'I can't help but feel annoyed by these pictures of Kate Middleton.  She's always either horsing around on a quad bike, sitting on a ski lift or posing on a yacht, attending a shooting party or a friend's wedding.  Don't you think she seems just a bit... a bit pointless?'

Or maybe I'm just insanely jealous....or then again, maybe not...

A little bit later...

Okay, I just saw them on the BBC news and they did look quite sweet!

Can't believe they got engaged in Kenya in October - at Lewa Downs of course.

And Kate has been given Diana's engagement ring.

Look at me now.... getting all carried away!!

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