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Ruto to The Hague...


So Ruto toddled off to the Hague last night, and all of his own accord...  Apparently he'd like the chance to clear his name, or at least defend himself in the face of incriminating evidence, before being issued with an official ICC summons.  Just yesterday we learned that, in view of the fact that Kenya has been so helpful with ICC investigations, Ocampo has decided against the arrest warrant route, prefering to issue a 'summons' or two, to avoid the possible embarrassment of key politicians and businessmen who he plans to 'interview' later. 

We learned from today's papers that Ruto offered to go and visit the Hague three months ago but Ocampo has kept him waiting, we assume so that he can do a little more investigating into exactly who was responsible for organising 2008 post election violence, first.

When Ruto was suspended from Government, Florence who works in our house said,
'Is this fair? I feel a bit sorry for him.  It's all because of something that happened a long time ago.'

Caroline Mutoko of Kiss FM said that many Kenyans had expressed worry that Ruto 'looked a bit sad'  when leaving the cabinet- but she said, since voting in this new constitution, people should have the courage of their convictions and let the process of rooting out corruption take its course.  Events since have overtaken us, with many key politicianls stepping aside pending corruption cases - so we are getting used to the 'sad' look now.  Off to the Hague is something new that we'll need to get used to too!

I wonder if Ruto will ever be coming back?  Probably.  His return flight is booked for Saturday.

Interesting article on problems with Dfid aid distribution in Ethiopia.  Since the UK Development Aid budget has been increased by 37% to 11 billion by 2013 - the UK Coalition Government are even more under seige by UK taxpayers who feel cutting spending at home while splurging overseas (when, in many cases, it's not doing much good anyway) is unfair:


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