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Moving to Kenya, Forum, Africa Expat chat...

Finally I tumble to it! Blogger has recently got much better and user friendly.  Hooray!  As a result, I've been having great fun playing about with the new templates, adding new links and enjoying the new statistics information provided.  It's great to finally understand who is reading and how new readers are hitting on this site.  I also love the fact that Blogger finally tells me which blog posts my incoming comments are attached to!  On many an occasion I couldn't respond, because once you had pressed 'send' the comment disappeared into the ether!

At the top you've got the 'Search this Blog' Google button.  I've been writing this now for five years, so if you hunt about, you'll find flipping tons of info on the 2007/8 Kenya election crisis (as it happened), some charities in Kenya, info on Kenya's slums, babygroups, schools, Kenya safaris, Kenya beach holidays, the Aid to Africa debate, the infamous 'Africa expat stereotype' satires etc etc.

Just to recap, I wanted to point out the link, right there ... next to this text, for the Africa Expat Wives Club 'Forum' - Now you can click directly through to it, so no excuses!  I set the forum up for a couple of reasons.  1. As a place to exchange information between prospective or recent expat arrivals - incomers are always hungry for info and 2. to set up a dialogue between Kenyan readers in the diaspora who fancy discussing what it's like living outside the country, as expats themselves. 

I've been working on the forum itself recently, trying to upgrade it.  Hopefully it's a little more user friendly now and in tune with the blog.  If you are having problems registering or using this site, please let me know.  I did think of starting again and setting up a new, more user friendly free forum, but gave up in the end as they all seem to be more or less the same.  I also promise to keep an eye on the forum on a more regular basis, so that queries and discussions don't ever languish for long periods unread.

Kenya's Homepage: http://www.home.co.ke/
Below the forum link, is a 'read more expat wife adventures' button.  This links right through to a really fab Kenya/Homepage http://www.home.co.ke/  This site is packed full of local info on shopping, eating out, property, current affairs, politics etc etc etc. Read more by Kenyans than expats as I understand it - and there you'll find my weekly 'Africa Expat' column. (any suggestions for topics to cover here always welcome!)

Xpat Link
Scroll down some more and you'll find a tab for Xpatlink.  This is a great buy/sell website/free magasine that comes out twice a month and is circulated widely in Nairobi (Dormans coffeehouses/Silverbird cinemas etc).  Inside you will find; property to rent or buy, cars/furnishings for sale, details of various training courses, a 'personal' column etc etc.  I'll also be writing for Xpatlink from time to time so decided to put their link on this blog.

If you feel like it, happy navigating!

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