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Kenya's New Constitution - promulgation

I am loving this new word, promulgate or promulgation - referring to the planned National Holiday tomorrow where Kenya's leaders will swear public allegiance to the new constitution.  There's to be a 21 gun salute, parade, everything in fine style... A celebration worth celebrating!

A friend casually mentioned there's a rumour that Barack Obama will make an appearance at the festivities - so needless to say I am now beside myself and almost ready to abandon cooking my family lunch on a national holiday and face the rigours of strict security in Uhuru Park (including body search), just to catch a glimpse of the band stand in case the rumour is true.  It appears that I am an out-of-the closet celebrity stalker of the worst kind.  But joking apart - it would be fun if he the guy with the biggest job in the world was to finally grace Kenya with his presence since he's been in office.  Must google him to find out what he's up to.


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