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Rhino Charge


I dragged the kids off to watch the Rhino Charge on Monday which this year was located at Magadi on the edge of the soda lake.  For weeks I had begged as many friends as I could find to accompany me, but they all refused with lame excuses like,
'I don't know where my camping kit is' or
'I'm going to the cinema.'
So we went alone.

Rhino Charge is the famous charity 4x4 challenge that takes place every year in the Kenyan bush and is certainly not for wimps.  I always wish that Jeremy Clarkson of 'Top Gear' fame would come and have a go with his James May and Hammond hamster buddies.  Apparently they've been asked but so far have declined.

This year the winning entrant finally triumphed after taking part with his family team for the past fifteen years!  This is our seventh and winning seems to be as illusive as ever.  Car 39 came in 14th out of 63.  Over 72 million Kenya shillings was raised for the conservation of the Aberdare rain forest.

Read more about my mini Rhino Charge and pitiful failure to find my husband in the dusty bush here:


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