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I missed celeb spotting Ben Fogle at the Lewa marathon although I gather that my friend managed to get her photograph taken with him - but having the opportunity to watch Nameless at our 'Gala' dinner at the Carnivore was absolutely brilliant.  All the other musicians were good but in my opinion, Nameless was definitely the best of the bunch.

We had to wait until midnight for him to appear and do his 45 minute set with his dancers, which was timed around a rather slow charity auction (they always are tedious but necessary) and the end of the Ghana v US football match which was being screened next door.  It might of helped that 'Africa' won the game.

Anyway, Nameless is full of charisma which in a large part probably explains why he's so successful and has been listed by the Kenya Standard Newspaper as currently one of the top 100 most influential Kenyans. 

I stood in front of the stage (not too close) like a real groupie, following the actions for all his songs.  Involving the audience, asking them to mimic his dance moves and asking for a 'shy girl' to come up on stage, he created a great atmosphere even though the crowd was probably a pretty small one for him. 

I still haven't admitted to our babysitter that we went to see Nameless because I think she might be jealous.

He auctioned his sunglasses for the charity, raising 60,000/- would you believe!  When he handed them over he whipped out another pair, which must have been a bit of a blow to the successful bidder - but at least Nameless's street cred remained in tact!  What a card!...

'My glasses give me power!' he said.

Nameless was voted 'best male artist' at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA).  It was great fun to see him perform live.

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