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Lewa Marathon 2010


This is how sad I am...

I am half tempted to leap into the car tomorrow and drive 3 hours north, just to go and watch the Lewa marathon...  Why?  Not because I'm keen on running - shudder the thought.  It's because I've heard that Ben Fogle and even that Prince William will be there... I am such an incurable celebrity groupie! 

I've since found out, via a quick look at the Telegraph online that Prince W is back home after his African wanderings with his brother, so that one is looking less likely. (Prince William is patron of Tusk Trust, the charity organisation behind the Lewa Marathon).

Read more about the Lewa Marathon 2010 and Tusk Trust here: http://www.tusk.org/safaricom-marathon-2009.asp

Of course, the premise to go to Lewa would be that I am going to support my nearly or just forty year old friends who have made running the half marathon their goal this year.  What is it about the age 40 looming, that sends women dashing to their lycras?  I've watched them lose kilos and listened patiently as they tell me how time consuming their 18 kilometre runs are on Sunday mornings, but I am not the slightest bit envious.  Running alongside Ben Fogle or a prince on the other hand, well that is another matter!!

Instead I'm lucky enough to be going to the Haemophilia Society's do at the Carnivore on Saturday night, to watch bona fide Kenyan celebrities perform, Nameless, Eric Wainaina, Maia et al.  Am sure it will be far more fun than a marathon .... will let you know!

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