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To create one's own website or not? Help!!

Help!  Techies out there!  I am in a real quandry.  I want to move my blog. I started it 4 years ago and it's officially old fashioned and boring.  I want to update the look AEWC, incorporate the 'moving to Kenya/East Africa' forum so that it's all one one site.  I want to include more links and useful East Africa information and sort my old blog posts into easily searchable categories etc.  Of course, finding more readers would be nice too.

What would you suggest?  I have taken the first step and now bought my own domain name http://www.africaexpatwivesclub.com/.  This week I spoke to a local web designer (at length) and got hosting and building prices from him - but this is expensive and I'm worried that this option might be a little over the top for a blogger like me.  Afterall, I'm not The White Company - or something!!

I looked at 'typepad' and typepad blogs look much more professional than mine.  ( I really like http://dailyriolife.typepad.com/) Should I sign up with them instead of having a domain of my own?  Would I be able to export all my historical posts from blogger?  Help, help, help - comments please!!

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