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Developed and Developing

Last week it was a case of; 'another week another corruption scandal' with this time (an outraged!) deputy VP Musalia Mudavadi in the line of fire over links to a crooked Government land purchase deal for a public cemetery. Apparently the Government (read: tax payer) paid many times over the asking price for the land and the 'extra cash' got farmed out to 17 various officials along the way. (real price of the land; Sh 24 million, price paid, Sh283 million) It was all extensively reported in the Nation and Standard newspaper - so no new news here. At least the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission seem to be keeping people on their toes at the moment!

William Ruto is all over today's papers, pictured riding alongside President Kibaki in an open top car at a rally over the weekend - i.e. to show all that it's two fingers to his former ODM political boss and ally Raila Odinga - now he's officially switched sides - favouring the one who does not want to suspend him from office while investigations go on over the maize scandal. In reaction, Raila said words to the effect of; 'how can somebody who was so recently your sworn enemy now suddenly be your friend?' But such is the world of politics.

In home news - our gardener's wife was hit by a matatu (public minibus) on friday as she walked home from dropping her son at school. When it swerved off the road to avoid an oncoming lorry she somehow got hooked onto the wing mirror and dragged along. Horrific. While she didn't break any bones, she has had to have her jaw wired together as all her teeth were knocked loose (she lost one). The matatu driver took her to hospital then tried to run away before paying medical costs, but fortunately the police caught up with him. So horrible. Poor woman, she was just walking along, minding her own business.

Over the weekend we were doing some rather intensive Geography revision with our eldest daughter (test today). Interestingly, she has been learning the physical geography of both Kenya and UK (provinces, mountain ranges, rivers) followed by a comparison of each country's level of development. The facts were fascinating but written so starkly, made me feel a bit sad. To crib Mr Nderitu:

Comparing Development:

Wealth - Average income per person. Kenya: $355, UK $24,323

Food - Daily calorie supply as a % of needs (this one really got me!).
Kenya 89%, UK 130%.
(I know that these facts are pretty obvious if you think about it but put like this it's still shocking.)

Education - % of children attending secondary school. Kenya 20%, UK 83%.

Health - Number of people per doctor. Kenya 10,130, UK, 300.

TVs - Number of sets per 1,000. Kenya 26, UK 521.

Cars - Number of cars per 1,000 people. Kenya 15, UK 476.

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