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Though it might be sad to blog whilst on holiday, I had to write a quick line.

We are all in heaven!

The girls didn't realise that snow would be wet!! The first day they rolled around in it (as best they could as it was rather hard!) then got soaking. The water comes out of the tap so icy that my youngest exclaimed, it's like snow!! There was some complaint about piling on layers and bumpy socks, but we've all got used to that now.

We're staying in an English chalet hotel that takes childcare extremely seriously with x12, 20 something staff who are great fun.

In the morning, all the parents (many of them are doctors oddly?) are wracked with guilt over handing over their kids. The kids pile into an electric car and are ferried off to ski school, as happy as anything, and all of us parents stand around the vehicle waving them off, in mourning. The skis are kept near the nursery slopes in a heated store room, so no heaving skis up through the village.

In spite of the high emotion, we are basically having the most wonderful, second honeymoon type of time skiing all morning, choosing routes on the map and stopping off for hot coffee or a plate of chips and yes, I have to admit it, occasionally spying on our kids in ski school! We tried to drag our kids out of kids club on the first day and they waved us away crossly saying, we are going on a snowy treasure hunt with sweets! The next day it was a visit to the ice cave. Last night after take-away pizza, the kids watched a video in a giant heap because it was the chefs night out. We went for a fondue and came home groaningly full. Babysitting was laid on free.

We had a little sleet type snow the first day, then it has been sunny since and not too cold at all. We are skiing in t-shirts and sallopettes. More snow is forecast at the end of the week. We hope to get some big flakes to show our kids, it will round things off nicely!


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