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Oi! Someone stole my content!

It's a funny thing to stumble across not just one isolated post but your blog, post by post, published (with photos) on a commercial site - obviously via a live feed. Felt odd when this happened to me yesterday anyway. (on closer inspection, it's just the first 8-10 lines of each post... but still!)

I googled 'stealing blog content' and found that this is quite common phenomenon. Odd. It must be particularly galling for the many bloggers (like me I admit) who are also trying to scratch a living from freelance writing.

I know that online mags are under pressure to find 'sticky' (I'm learning!) content for their sites - but aren't we, as authors, supposed to give them permission or something? Copyright? It seems unfair that they are running (and earning from) their own ads alongside my content.

It's a tough old world.

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