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Dead fish at Lake Naivasha


I bet you are all on the edge of your seats vis a vis the latest episode in Kenya's political soap drama. What seems to have happened is...not all that much. Raila got back from his overseas trip and failed to meet with Kibaki to discuss their differences. Yesterday they both attended the formal opening of the 4th session of Parliament. Kibaki made a speech etc etc etc. No MPs have been suspended so far. I will keep you updated if there is any further gossip or scandal.

To my mind, much more momentous news has been the mass poisoning of fish in Lake Naivasha. Apparently at the end of last week (Thursday) and after a couple of days of heavy rain, mature fish started bobbing up to the surface dead, apparently from suffocation. The Standard newspaper said,

'From afar they looked like hundreds of bubbles on the lake but a closer look revealed they were dead fish.'

Naivasha residents were warned against eating the fish and even the fish eagles and cormorants left the carcasses well alone. Tourist boat operators collected over 600 dead fish on Thursday and buried them on the shore.

Blame was immediately placed on the numerous (over 50) flower farms, who are currently being inspected by various Government ministries in the belief that run-off from the farms has caused the poisoning. Lab tests on the water itself are also underway. It has been common knowledge that the Lake itself has been degrading over recent years - but now that a catastrophe takes place, something is being done.

Yesterday a whole lot more immature fish floated dead to the surface around Hippo Point.
See the Standard online edition for more.

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