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Feeling rather smug

Very often when I publish a very opinionated piece on this blog - it's followed by pangs of guilt. Did I go too far? Should I have left the topic alone? How many people have I offended?

If I'm honest, I did feel this exactly this way about my lambasting of Dfid. However, it's not often that a week later a British national broadsheet 'The Times' picks up on a similar tack and runs with it!! (though I do admit that I probably can't claim direct credit for this!)

‘The Knives are out for the Department for International Development’ Richard Beeston – 26/01/10

‘Where did the £300 million go? Doubts over aid to Africa’ – Catherine Philp & Philip Webster. 26/01/10

‘Dfid’s aid to Malawi is getting through, but it is hard to trace’ - Jonathan Clayton. 26/01/10

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