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I finally got around to sorting out my clothes yesterday. Been sneezing ever since as it's all so dusty. I can't bring myself to go through the cupboard with old suit jackets that I used to wear in London days, in spite of the fact they all look so boxy and old fashioned. Hardly pointy shoulders Balmain shaped anyway. There's a second-hand place called 'Cobweb' that might take them. It's just that I remember investing so much of my tiny salary on these, so it's gut wrenching.

Getting my husband to have a turn out has been tough, but I've just about had enough of his shirts hanging in my cupboard because his is so crammed with stuff he never wears or deems as too small. Everything that hangs there has a seam of dust where the hanger sits.

Other things are hard to throw out as you think, well it might do for fancy dress one day?!?! ... There's a lot of stuff that I've kept that I am still wearing ten years on. It's also a bit tragic to face up to all the mistake purchases I've made in the past.

Now that I've sorted through everything (not for the first time since living here, I might add, so the pickings are getting a bit thin), I'm slightly worried that there's nothing much left and rue the fact that for the past three years, on annual leave in England, I only seem to buy cheap plain t-shirts or gym trousers.

A friend of mine (who famously said whilst living in England 'there's never anything wrong with wearing sequins during the day!') - says she only ever invests in fabulous, expensive, one off clothes - therefore her wardrobe always 'works'.
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