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It's raining in my car...

We were all worried. The El Nino rains had sputtered out after only ten days - we had two weeks of hot sun. The dams are not yet full. No one was ready for the rains to be over, or 'fail'.

Last week I cursed the fact that my driver's window is jammed shut because it was so sweltering, and was relieved that one of the back windows is jammed open a few inches, so at least the kids didn't die of heat exhaustion. (one day the air-con packed up temporarily too).

'Where is the rain?' I asked the grocer, the man in the supermarket, everybody.
'I don't know' they said; worried.

Now the rain is back with a vengance.

For example, it rained all night and it has been 'raining in my car' (a German friend of mine coined this phrase.) The sunroof is generally the main culprit as water drips through the edges of the tinted glass and down through the roof lining, causing me to resort to sitting on a beach towel. I know the drill well. The canvas seats have many water marks from previous downpours.

The window that won't close has been problematic today. I tried to rig up a plastic Nakumatt bag to plug the gap which flaps horribly when going along. This afternoon I saw a man driving a landrover with a purple plastic bin bag stretched over the open void that was the driver's window. I felt his pain.

P.s. The new 'harmonised' draft constitution has been published in the Nation and Standard newspapers today. It's very exciting and all everyone down to the man on the street has to talk about. The jist is,
'we have waited so long for this. We want to take time to read and understand our new constitution and don't want to hear any more politician's spin on it.' As I understand it, Kenyans have 30 days to gather their thoughts then present their views and debate before it is passed as law.

p.p.s. Just read in the Standard that Nicholas Cage has been in Kenya touring a Mombasa prison, Shimo la Tewa. Will I ever see these celebs - am sure I have a secret calling to be a pap photographer!

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