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Childrens birthday parties

Have been up to my elbows in cake mixture for the past two days for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow. First I scoured the shops for the excellent Betty Crocker cake mix and only found a rather revolting looking alternative called 'Magic Time'. There's also no fondant icing around or anything by way of fun decorations.

Anyway - I am have been forced to fall back on my own shaky skills and once again try baking myself. By some miracle, the results (so far) have been satisfactory. Usually my fairy cakes explode and big cakes flop. My daughter wants a no 7 cake with butterflies, so this time I need the sponge to rise straight and flat...

Party bags - tick. Party games - to devise. Treasure hunt - to devise. Icing of fairy cake and birthday cake - to do. Wrapping presents - to do. Lunch for 20 little girls - to do. Beers - to buy.

What am I doing blogging. The trials and tribulations of housewifedom! It's my husband's fortieth in Feb - there's no help for me!

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