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Rainy season started

We have so far had twenty four hours of proper rainy season in Nairobi. Hooray!

For the past few months I have been mindful of trying to limit the amount of dust my car kicks up for pedestrians, now it's all about avoiding those puddles. This morning it was wellies, umbrellas, raincoats and mud....everywhere.

Tell tale flying ants were flying out of our lawn, which indicates that we didn't get all of those termite nests. Gr! On the upside, a pair of Turaco's, a Hadada and the dogs were all enjoying a tasty snack at breakfast time this morning.

I am mindful of not making this too much of a charity website, but have been listening to Kiss FM (again!) and a guy from Habitat for Humanity has been on the show. They are raising money to build houses for those internally displaced Kenyans living in tents since the disputed election two years ago! The situation has become critical since the Government have recently ordered the closure of all remaining camps and the flimsy tents are being destroyed.

The Habitat for Humanity guy says they need donations. (For people in Kenya, they have an Mpesa Number, 0723 957685). He stressed that at little goes a long way. Their website is http://www.hfhkenya.or.ke/

1,000/- would buy you the heavy gauge wire mesh for all the windows on the house
3,000/- would buy you the 3 doors
14,000/- would be enough for the mbati (corrugated iron) for a roof
x3 truck loads of sand would build you a house.

Caroline Mutoko gave 20,000/- and crowed 'I've just bought a roof and three doors - what are you going to do?'

One house costs 200,000/- to build. International School of Kenya raised and donated 500,000. Corporate business have also donated funds and have joined in with physically building the houses as well. - that would be quite a bonding session!

I carry guilt about Habitat for Humanity. When I first moved to Tanzania in 1999, I met a very enthusiastic American lady called Debra. I said I was bored and lonely and she asked if I would go upcountry with her for three days and take part in a 'house build' in some remote place. I agonised, then wimped out. I never went which was embarrassingly. Strangely enough I still have her business card somewhere, though I never really did see her again. Couldn't bring myself to throw it away.

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