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Grown under the Sun

I am a little late on the uptake on this one but 'Grown under the Sun' is a campaign to convince people in the West to buy African produce i.e. imported vegetables and flowers.

I just heard about it today on the radio and it's a little pet topic of mine I'm afraid... the whole food miles thing makes me mad. I can imagine shoppers in England not buying African flowers or mange tout beans in Tesco or Marks & Spencer because they think that it is not politically correct to do so. Check out the Grown under the Sun website and you might change your mind: http://grownunderthesun.com/

The 'Grown under the Sun' campaign is designed to highlight the fact that vegetables and flowers grown in Africa have far less carbon emissions than those grown in greenhouses in places like Holland. The Food Miles argument where the shortest distance between farm to fork is flawed and hopefully this campaign will go some way redressing the misconception.

Quoted From the Business Daily/July 2009:

The Africa Research Institute has accused Europe of hypocrisy,

'African crops are grown under the sun, cultivated by hand and often transported in the holds of passenger aircraft carrying European holidaymakers to and from Africa's beaches and game parks,' the institute said in a recent report.

'Growing horticultural crops out of season in Europe is heavily mechanised and consumes huge amounts of energy in artificially heated 'hot houses''

Please buy stuff from Africa when you see it. It is a big help. (and don't come back to me with arguments about minimum wage, sweat shops and working conditions... look at the 'Grown under the Sun' website first).

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