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First day back at school

It was the kids first day back at school yesterday and all change. The middle one was starting 'big school' with her older sister. The youngest, still at kindergarten, starting 'Reception' - she has inherited her big sister's wheelie bag, so is pleased as punch.

Back to the school playground thronging with parents. Oooo! But also back to days of peace and uninterrupted quiet at home on my computer. Ahhh!

We have been a bit worried about the middle one, as she is starting 'big school' without any of her peers. She seemed to have survived her first day but did mention somewhat plaintively,
'everybody else KNOWS each other!'

Her our oldest daughter has been doing her level best to ease the big school transition and apparently lept into action whenever she spotted her little sister looking lost and not communicating with anyone.

'I am so CROSS with Ellie' the big one said, (Ellie is one girl who our daughter vaguely knows from a few years back) 'I saw her. She is just not playing with Lucy and is sticking to all her old school friends'.

Something else made me smile. Our eldest emerged on the school playground dramatically clasping an iced piece of cotton wool to her nose and a note from Sister.
'I was hit by a rounders ball.' she said.
'On your first day!' I exclaimed, 'who threw it?'
The words fell out,
'Well, it was the new girl and I SO want to be best friends with her but she is in the other class and not in any of my sets so I don't know how I am ever going to get to be best friends. It's impossible!' she said, disconsolate.

Mental images of Anne of Green Gables in the 'depths of despair' sprang to mind.

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