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Corruption in Government

My husband heard a good line yesterday;

'Corruption is the glue that is holding this Coalition Government together.'

I know that Kofi Annan has set another deadline of August for setting up a local tribunal to try key personalities guilty of organising post election violence - but after so long, I can't see much in the way of decisive action happening. Perhaps leaders are hoping to continue spinning this issue out?

Politicians who we suspect are on the 'guilty' list continue to posture in the local press. Will they ever be carted off to The Hague - and if they are, will the rest of the Government fall down like a house of cards? How much sway does Kofi Annan actually have?

The fear is, that without facing up to what happened in January 2008, the 2012 election is doomed - bound to be corrupt, unfair and blood spilled.

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