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Growing old gracefully

For one reason or another I am feeling bombarded by the group terror of ageing.

I had my first facial the other day (persuaded by a friend) and wondered why the hell I was paying for someone to squeeze my spots when I was perfectly capable of doing this myself at home. My other friend said her mother in law had a facial every week of her life (she is now in her 80s) and consequently has wrinkle free skin, smooth as a baby's bottom. I can attest to this as I have met her. I walked out of the spa with pricey vitamin A, C and E cream, plus pore refiner and cleanser. Am I a mug?

A group of my forty plus year old friends have been doing stints on the catwalk for fashion designer friends locally, getting their knickers in a twist about hair, make-up and being thin enough. One or two people I know of, have had botox, but in my circles that is seen as going a little too far.

I looked on the Nakumatt shelf at the skin care section and was bewildered by a whole new language in anti-ageing: deep purifying, contour perfector, pore tightening, collagen filler, deep control, age re-perfect, de-crinkling, rehydrating, anti cellulite draining, illuminating, renewing, zooming mark corrector, you name it. Help. Didn't buy anything.

My friends and I find ourselves talking about ageing all the time. One friend said,
‘I saw myself in the mirror at yoga and thought I actually looked quite good, that is until I realised that I was hanging upside down!’

Another is concerned about her jowls,
‘But when I have a tan, these deep lines stay horribly white!’

Another is considering an eye lift,
‘I had never thought about it before, but you see, when I do this,’ she said pulling up the skin around her forehead, ‘it looks so much better!!’

I think I need to get a job to keep sane and pay the school fees. - but first, the work permit......

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