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End of term-itis

We have done the play costumes (one weekend of sewing), watched the Monkeynastix display, completed the collage of photographs illustrating one daughter's kindergarten career, enjoyed an hour and a half long morning of music and dance, provided required items of clothing for school play, managed to swerve the Arts Festival by some divine miracle, dodged providing transport for a school cinema trip yesterday (that didn't go down well), missed the 6 year olds graduation assembly this morning (I am very contrite but felt I had reached a certain threshold).

Now only an afternoon leaver's party for the 6 year olds today (I am providing jellies and cooked sausages), a school play, a final assembly and speech day, handing out of teacher's presents, receiving of reports and two birthday parties to go! Then, after getting things straight at home, off to England!!

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