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East Africa Packing Tips - Beach and Bush

Packing tips for the beach and bush in Kenya are based on common sense but some items are easy to overlook when hastily preparing for a trip.

Top 10 Packing tips for the beach:

1. Sun hat with a wide brim, sunglasses, sun cream. At least factor 30
2. Long, loose, light coloured cotton trousers and tops for evenings. Remember; dark colours always attract mosquitoes.
3. Kikoys or sarongs. To wear with swim suits, bikinis, vest tops.
4. An old shirt or t-shirt - that you don’t mind wearing in the water to avoid sunburn i.e. when snorkelling.
5. Shoes for walking on the Reef. Sea urchin spines do penetrate through ‘crocs’, an old pair of trainers is better.
6. Flip flops and or sandals - for when it is so hot that you can’t bear to squeeze on shoes!
7. A sealed container to keep any food or snacks protected from tiny sugar ants that appear from nowhere.
8. Mosquito repellent. A spray or roll-on is best. Those containing a high percentage of Deet often remove the dye from your shoes, transferring it onto your skin.
9. Mosquito/bug spray. A quick spray under the net at dusk will ensure an uninterrupted night’s sleep.
10. Treated mosquito net. If you do not want to carry a net, it is worth carrying a very effective net treatment tablet (locally available) and small spray bottle for treating your hotel net yourself, thus ensuring that malarial mosquitoes steer clear.
No need to pack anything as warm as jeans or wool jumpers – you just won’t wear them.

Top 10 Packing tips for the bush:

1. Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunscreen (as before)
2. Warmer clothes for chilly evenings, such as a woollen jumper and jeans. You are likely to find yourself sitting out of doors by a fire pit at dusk or after dinner.
3. Kikoy, wrap or scarf - for cool mornings and evenings on game drives.
4. Binoculars and camera.
5. Long, light weight trousers or shorts for daytime. Do pack layers of clothing that can easily be removed or added throughout the day.
6. Trainers or walking shoes. Be sure to step gingerly over trails of biting safari ants and beware of thorns hidden in grass under trees and bushes!
7. Mosquito repellent.
8. Wet wipes and or tissues for cleaning dust off hands or face and for impromptu toilet stops in the bush!
9. Torch. Always invaluable on safari.
10. Guide books or reference books with a relevant wildlife section. Identifying animals and birds can add a lot to the fun to your safari.

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