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Africa expat wives club forum

This blog is all too one sided. In light of the fact that I am so useless at replying to comments and passing on information, I feel it is high time to set up an Africa Expat Wives Club forum. I am getting tired of the sound of my own voice (though not planning to give up the blog).

N.b. taking part in the forum does not require you to be any of the below:

a) in Africa

b) female

c) an expat

Please do take part if you feel like it - that way it becomes a bit of fun!

I am not in the least bit technical or computer minded but have somehow I have managed to set up a forum already (in 3 easy steps - a bit like setting up this blog). You will have to be patient with me for a while and maybe check the site later in the week when it is properly up and running.

the address? http://africaexpatwivesclub.forumotion.com/

Let's see what happens ...

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