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Reading newspapers and MPs expenses

I keep saying that I will stop reading local newspapers - mainly because of the outrageous failure of the coalition government to face any of its issues or make any kind of decision. It simply beggars belief what can be got away with in Kenya. Each ugly scandal that rears up almost weekly (usually involving grand theft from the public and corruption), is headed off by the pronouncement that there will be an 'enquiry' and a 'report' made, which once published (much later) will never be acted upon.

This is hugely disappointing for an avid, bloodthirsty reader like me who is just steeling themselves to see the 'guilty' face justice and 'go down' for their crimes. Whatever happened to the Waki Report and the local tribunal or Hague trial for those reponsible for inciting post election violence that I was so excited about months ago?

Last week, Uhuru Kenyatta (10 billion shilling budget deficit) and Raila Odinga (contaminated maize scandal) were the latest cases - largely smoke screened by endless debates over the ownership of tiny Migingo Island in Lake Victoria.

I caught on the radio today, news that Barack Obama will not be coming to Kenya during his Africa tour, but instead will kick off by visiting Ghana, where there is a better track record of good governance and democracy. A snub for Kenya. But does anyone in the Kenyan coalition government actually care? Obama's representative, Johnnie Carson, who visited Kenya last week to speak to the President and PM, might well have been wasting his time. It seems the rules for politicians in Kenya is that there are no rules - other than perhaps - forget morality, fill your boots while you can!

Kenya's example of theft by (non taxpaying) MPs from the taxpayers here makes the current UK scandal over MPs 'outrageously' claiming for new TV sets and bath plugs seem like over cautious nitpicking by the British public.

p.s. I am not very sure about this semi naked 'Gladiator' advert/graphic in the middle of my blog - but maybe it is designed to appeal to us desperate housewives?

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