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Freelance writing aspirations

I have been doing a freelance writing course this year. While the course itself seems to be going well, this week I feel I have sent out 700 article ideas to magazines, newspapers and websites (that may be a bit of an exaggeration) and have had zero replies. Not even an, 'OK, thanks, we'll think about it. Not a one. My tutor says, 'keep at it!' meanwhile I feel like picking up my computer and shaking it. Perhaps none of my emails are going anywhere - maybe they are lost in cyberspace, unable to find their destination. Only, I know that is not true. My computer is working fine.

I started out sending proposals for articles off one by one and waiting for a graceful period in anticipation of a reply. Then I realised that this tactic was futile and have switched to the scatter gun approach but with such shockingly poor results, I am now seriously beginning to wonder how freelance writers actually make ends meet? How do they? Are all freelance writers stuck in a rut, or only the 'trying to be one' me?

I must admit, it is very nice for me to hide myself away and tap away on my computer each morning, not having to go out and do a proper job - nothing more pressing than the school run to think about - but something by way of results would help. (I know I got something published in the Telegraph recently - but it already feels like YEARS ago!)

Perhaps I should go back to the idea of writing a book based on the vaguest, one in a million off chance that one day I might persuade a publisher to take an interest in printing it. Though maintaining any kind of impetus may be a problem for me after 10,000 words (inately lazy). No wonder writers are known for starving in their garrets. I could write quite expansively about what to do with yourself if you suddently find yourself not working (for those made redundant by the recession) - I am rather an expert on 'not working' but sadly can't help much on money making advice.

Thank goodness for the salary earning husband! - but in these days of credit crunch/global economic crisis - my intention was to have something to put in the pot myself. Tips, handy hints and practical ideas welcome!

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