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Corn flour

I resorted to a second world war remedy for greasy hair this morning. Cornflour, lightly scattered and brushed through your hair!

My dilemma was that I was going to the gym for aerobics this morning but my hair was beyond awful for doing the dreaded school run. I knew that I would wash my hair directly after exercising, and it's not worth doing it before as it would get all sweaty immediately (too much information?). My husband looked at me bemused, 'why on earth do you care?'

Anyway, I would like to report that the remedy actually works! My head did feel slightly itchy at first - but no more greasy hair. I also felt a tad 'dusty' and possibly touching on grey, like I might have just walked off the set of the film, Marie Antoinette.

During aerobics, bouncing around the gym, I worried that there might be white track marks running down my face - but I think I got away with it... just. Now I have washed my hair and feel much better, but am quite likely to be tempted to use the corn flour trick again.

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